What Can I Say?
Simply put Celeste is a D.I.V.A of speakers.
Her energy and inspiration are infectious. 
She will implant new hope in your soul
and the inspiration to change.
Clestine I. Herbert,
National Speaker, Life Coach and Author


Two years ago when I came to you, I felt as if my mind was full of weeds tangling my thoughts. Our coaching sessions have enabled me to sort out and prioritize issues to empower myself to move forward. By the grace of God, your coaching has helped me, and has helped restore issues within my family. You have been a blessing to me by meeting me exactly where I am. I am very glad that I, after many failed attempts, decided to switch tactics and had the opportunity to be coached by you to success.

Thank you, Phyllis M. R.N. Administrator


I was urged by a friend to attend a meeting where Celeste was the speaker. My day had started off with a stressful occurrence and I was distracted with my own negative thoughts when she began speaking. At first, I was unable to concentrate on what she was saying, but I was drawn by her spirited tone and enthusiasm. Then I was moved by her compassion as she spoke of her brother. With a personal story, Celeste brought new meaning and comprehension to Biblical accounts of God’s love. I left encouraged and uplifted by her insights and knowledge. Her words still echo in my memory and the lessons I leaned that day are still fresh in my mind.

Linda Brother, QSI Assessor/Administrator


Celeste has been a friend for almost twenty years. Her motivating energy in life has always been based on her love for others. The years have given me an opportunity to observe her in many situations and relationships; Her drive for growth through knowledge, experience, and meditation is exceptional. I am constantly impressed by her compassion for others yet her awareness of the reality of the situation. To have her life of abilities, knowledge, experience, and sensitivity touch your's is to avail you of finding yourself healed of many wounds you had hidden deep within. You will see an awakening of your life and an awareness of what beauty is within you and your life, as you see yourself through her eyes of truth.

Gail S.


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