My name is Celeste Cirigliano (pronounced Sir Rig Lee An O). Also known as "The Hope and Possibility Coach."  I want to share a little about myself to provide some insight to who I am, and why I'm so passionate about coaching and the positive outcomes it has on peoples lives!

I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. As a child I always enjoyed helping people feel, look, and act at their best. My younger brother Bart, had a high fever as a baby, causing him brain damage. His “specialness” inspired me to be a psychologist. My parents divorce was an obstacle in obtaining my psychology degree but not a hindrance to fulfilling my destiny.

Instead I became licensed in Cosmetology. In my chair I heard many a story of lives impacted by challenges, sorrow, and pain. I found a deep satisfaction in listening and contributing to their life, making them look more beautiful.

 I then became a registered nurse and taught many of my patients how to start over, and live more healthfully and well balanced, adding to the beauty of life. I enjoyed working as a Cosmetologist and Registered Nurse which brought me to where I am now. It was fulfilling for me to give my clients a new look, my patients a new lifestyle, now I want to help people live their lives fully, with purpose and passion.

 I am a Board Certified Life, Career, and Lifestyle change (Wellness) Coach. I was trained through Life Purpose Institute which is an accredited program of the International Federation of Coaches, and have since assisted in training  coaches in their Five day intensive program.

 Following  God and  family which includes my husband, Joe (a Viet Nam veteran recipient of the purple heart), our two grown children, and six amazing grandkids, my passion has always been coaching, encouraging, and inspiring people. I have been coaching and speaking new hope using biblical principles for more than 25 years.

I started New Hope Coaching to share the great news with people, there is don't have to watch the world go by, you can be an active participant in creating the future YOU want!  I am dedicated to helping clients achieve all the things they doubt are possible. I will help YOU determine what direction is best and what will bring you the most personal fulfillment.

 As a personal life coach, I help show you how to find your own answers. Studies have shown people are more likely to take action if it is something they help come up with and not something they been told to do. Together we brain storm and work to bring harmony and balance to all areas in your life.

 My goal is to help you turn into the beautiful butterfly you can be! I know what it is like to feel like the destructive and ugly caterpillar...but there is HOPE for us all to emerge from our cocoons to become a beautiful and graceful butterfly!

Contact me today - there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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